The tenor banjo is a remarkable instrument because it seems to keep evolving as different styles of music adopt it and make it their own. This started with tango music over a century ago, and in recent years the tenor banjo has been adopted by Irish musicians. For the more recent Celtic styles an open back tenor with a large (12") head seems to be ideal, as heavier strings and lower tunings are popular. Instead of a bright, piercing metallic tone, the goal is a more chunky tone that projects well and can be felt as much as heard. The 19 inch string scale on this Ome makes for a very playable banjo that can handle any string gauge or tuning you prefer. It's no fussy antique, although the inlay and detailing is equal to the quality you see on banjos from ninety years ago.

stock no. 53182

ModelTrilogy 12" Open Back 19-Fret Tenor
Nut width1 1/4"
Scale length22.125”
Fretboard MaterialIndian Rosewood
Neck materialMaple
Total frets19
Tone ringSilverspun Brass
InlayMOP, Abalone
Serial No6844
CaseGig Bag
FinishDark Satin
TunersOME Planetary tuners with amber knob