The top, back and sides of the Makai LT-95AW tenor ukulele are crafted from layered aurous wood, an Asian tonewood in the rosewood family. The fretboard is half maple and half rosewood, a unique and striking look. This ukulele has a full, rounded tone with clear, bell-like trebles and a warm, focused low end. It's equipped with a Belcat UK-300t pickup with a built-in tuner. The geared tuners are gold Grovers with white tuner buttons. If you like the look of this ukulele, but want a crisper, brighter version, Makai also makes a concert version, the LC-85AW, that has a smaller body. Includes a gig bag.

stock no. 57816

ModelLT-95AW Tenor
TopAurous Rosewood
Back and sidesAurous Rosewood
Nut width1 3/8"
Scale length17 1/8"
Fretboard MaterialMaple/Rosewood
Total frets14
CaseGig Bag
ElectronicsBelcat Tuner and pickup