The standard HF-3 tenor is our best-selling Kamaka uke, hands down and this fancy version make a good thing even better. We think this model's versatility is part of the reason, as some players use the traditional "my dog has fleas" tuning while others tune their tenors "low to high," meaning they use a heavier 4th string that's tuned an octave below the traditional "high" 4th string (tell us which you want and we'll string it to your choosing before we ship it). But wait....there's more! Players who use the "low to high" tuning are often playing these tenor ukes like little tenor guitars, while others use a mandola tuning. Thanks to the longer scale, the frets on a tenor uke are a little further apart, so complex chords are easier to finger as there's more room, making tenor uke the most popular switch for guitar players. It's simple, if you play any fretted instrument, or if you're just starting to, you'll find a use for a fine-sounding tenor like this one. The Kamaka tenor is the does-anything-and-does-it-well ukulele.

stock no. 57001

ModelKamaka HF-3 D2I Slothead Deluxe Tenor
TopCurly Hawaiian koa
Back and sidesCurly Hawaiian koa
Frets to body14
Scale length17”
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialHonduran mahogany
NotesSlotted Headstock
InlayMother of pearl
Total frets18
TunersGotoh "stealth" slothead tuners
FinishSemi-gloss finish
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No190171