With it's colorful rope-pattern wood purfling around the top and soundhole, this deluxe Kamaka harkens back to the higher Kamaka models during the golden age of Hawaiian ukuleles. However thanks to Schaller tuners and far more accurate fretting and intonation than those early ukes, this contemporary example is a lot more satisfying to play!

stock no. 58394

ModelHF-3 D Deluxe Tenor
Topsolid Hawaiian koa
Back and sidessolid Hawaiian koa
Frets to body14
Nut width1 7/16"
Scale length17"
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMahogany
Total frets18
RosetteRope purfling
NotesAll solid wood
Serial No192631
CaseOrig. Hard