Blackbird ukuleles have been a surprise hit here at Gryphon, and their Farallon tenors like this one are our most popular model. Yes, it's made of a high-tech composite and is almost completely waterproof (but we don't recommend submerging it for long periods!) yet it looks very much like ukes made of wood. But the sound is the biggest surprise, and many people choose the Blackbird ukes even though they have no intention of packing one onto a boat for weeks or playing it in a rainforest setting. To say that a Farallon sounds like a really good uke made of koa doesn't really do it justice, as the tone is somehow more sonorous while still preserving the light, bubbling tone you expect from a good uke.

stock no. 56744

ModelFarallon EKOA Tenor, Misi Pickup
Top Ekoa® bi-directional double top
Back and sidesEkoa® natural linen composite
Frets to body14
Nut width1.4"
Scale length17"
Bridge spacing1.5"
Bridge material Micarta
Fretboard Material Micarta
Neck materialEkoa® natural linen composite
Serial No29810619BEUE
Neck profileC Shape
Total frets20
TunersGotoh UPT
CaseGig Bag
ElectronicsMiSi pickup