We've been wishing Taylor would offer a fully-appointed smaller guitar for years, and this deluxe Grand Theater model is the best news we could have hoped for. This model has lots of new and different features, but here's the short description: The string scale is over half an inch shorter than the scale on a Taylor Grand Concert, so it plays like butter, yet it doesn't sound like a smaller shorter-scale guitar at all. This is partly because while the body is shorter, the lower bout is almost the same width as their Grand Concert. The shortened upper bout puts the bridge in the optimum position in the lower bout, while retaining 14 frets clear, and Andy Powers' new C-Class bracing gives the lower string tension an advantage over either the X or V top bracing. To our ears, this new model holds up well in any comparison to an 812 model Taylor, but is both easier to play and more comfy to hold. Don't be put off by the included case being listed as a "gig bag," as this is far harder, stiffer construction and isn't really a "bag" at all. Think of it as a lightweight case that opens with a zipper, but forget about folding it up when not in use!

stock no. 59537

ModelGT 811e
TopSitka Spruce
Back and sidesEast Indian Rosewood
Frets to body14
Nut width1-23/32"
Scale length24-1/8"
Bridge materialCrelicam Ebony
Fretboard MaterialCrelicam Ebony
Neck materialNeo tropical mahogany neck
Case Gig bag (hard)
BracingC-class bracing
InlayMOP Element
RosetteSingle ring Abalone
Total frets20
TunersTaylor smoked nickel mini tuners
FinishGloss 4.5 mil
Serial No1211200080
Weight4.14 lbs.