As Gryphon celebrates 50 years in business we’re renewing our connection with one of the first guitar brands we carried back in the early 1970s.. Our first wholesale account was with Coast Wholesale, the distributor of Takamine guitars on the West Coast.  As it turns out, Takamine was founded in 1959, ten years before Gryphon got started (the company is located in central Japan, at the foot of Mount Takamine).  This GD93 features a solid spruce top and compares very favorably with the Takamine models Gryphon was selling 40 years ago. What has continued to impress us here at Gryphon is the longevity some of those older Takamines have demonstrated, we just took a ’78 F-340S in trade, for instance, that's being prepared for it’s fourth owner and all it needs is a set-up. One of Takamine’s improvements, and one we heartily endorse, is the split bridge saddle you’ll find on all their steel-string models. Rather than heavy compensation of a single angled saddle (to get accurate intonation on all six strings) Takamine uses one saddle for the two unwound treble strings with a second longer saddle for the four wound strings.  You’ll see this same approach to intonation issues on Lowden guitars, which speaks for itself.  We hope you’ll come in and play the latest Takamine models as they have a lot to offer at very affordable prices, and Takamine guitars have proven their ability to go the distance.  We’ve seen a lot of guitar brands come and go in the last 50 years, Takamine’s “long haul” approach is something we understand. 

stock no. 57615

TopSolid Spruce
Back and sides3-Piece Back Black Walnut/Maple
Frets to body14
Nut width1.6875"
Bridge materialLaurel
Fretboard MaterialLaurel
Neck materialMahogany
InlayAbalone dot inlays
RosetteDark wood rosette
Total frets21
TunersGold die-cast tuners
Serial NoTC19051520