The Quilter 10-inch Mach 2 combo is the choice for those looking for a more vintage, "chewier," and "rounder" sound. A smart compromise between the light weight of the 8 and the heavier weight of the 12, the 10 inch features a very potent Celestion G-10 Vintage driver.

stock no. 55947

ModelMicroPro Mach 2, combo 10
Serial No10520418075
NotesThis amp was sole under stock #53818
CoverDeluxe carrying case
ControlsGain 1 boost, Gain 2, EQ 2, scoop, bright, loud, cream, crush, bass, mid, treb, limit, rev, Rev. intensity, rev. dwell
Effect loopsYes
CaseGig Bag
Weight21 lbs.
SpeakersCelestion G10
Power100 watts, 200 watts with both channels
EffectsFull Q, Smooth, Lead, Surf, Brown, Tweed