At first glance you see another oval soundhole F-model mandolin, so no big deal, but look again. Note the high soundhole, tucked up beneath the scooped fretboard end, in fact the soundhole is almost underneath the 20th fret. This allows the bridge to be moved up to the same position on a typical F-5 with f-holes, with the longer neck giving the player two more frets clear of the body. The high soundhole allows the portion of the carved soundboard above the bridge to be fully active, again like an F-5, and the result is the most modern oval hole soundhole yet. You get the sweeter, more open tone of an oval hole mandolin, but with the playability and range of an F-5. Northfield seeks input from the best mandolin artists working today, and their artist roster reads like a who’s who of mandolin music. Mike Marshall has been actively involved in a long series of sound tests and recordings with the Northfield crew, and Adam Steffey has been onboard since the earliest stages of the Northfield saga. More innovation is on the way, including a model made from start to finish in Michigan. While the Big Mon F models sell for over $4,000, the Northfield S Series F models sell for much less. These S models offer the same quality woodworking and excellent tone but by only binding the edge of the Adirondack spruce top the number of hours in each instrument is significantly reduced (the back and neck are left unbound). Introducing The “Airloom” mandolin case designed and made by Northfield Mandolins. Made with a robust multi-ply fiberglass shell this case is designed to protect your most prized possessions. Strength and rigidity are coupled with a compact and sleek form factor, making it very travel friendly. The "Airloom" has a contemporary look while remaining inside the traditional realm, taking leads from the styling found on the most famous oblong cases ever made. Cases are made in small batches and available exclusively through Northfield Mandolins. Also included is a Northfield case cover in Gray.

stock no. 58617

ModelNF-F2S Mandolin
TopAdirondack Red Spruce
Back and sidesFigured maple
Nut width1 1/8"
Scale length13 7/8"
Bridge spacing1 15/32"
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMaple
Serial NoS200667
InlayMother of pearl dot position markers and peghead logo
Weight2.34 lbs.
Total frets20
CaseOrig. Hard