Hiscox cases are manufactured in the U.K. by Brynn Hiscox and his talented crew. Being acutely aware of the lack of quality cases on the market, he used his engineering background to design a case that stood up to his exacting requirements. Brynn's customers demanded cases that had higher protection but with LESS WEIGHT. The outer ABS shell material is chosen not only for its high impact resistance, but critically for the ability to chemically bond to the inner molding during the manufacturing process creating an extremely strong yet light weight composite structure. The inner molding of the cases is manufactured from a blend of polyurethane insulating foam which has been developed and is unique to Hiscox cases. Hiscox offers a wide variety of cases for most acoustic/electric instruments. Please inquire with Gryphon if you have questions regarding a special order. This case is designed for a Les Paul

stock no. GI8876610075

ModelPRO-II-EG-B/S, Les Paul