Tapered Hawaiian Steel

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Tapered Hawaiian Steel

Frank FordTapered Hawaiian SteelG144557023

I turned my first tapered Hawaiian steel from a leftover scrap of stainless steel at the request of my old friend, Al Dodge, of DODGE'S SUNDODGERS, who wanted a replica of a highly collectable steel that was discontinued in the 1940's.

After a while, his students and others started asking for them, so now a decade later, I continue to make tapered steels in small batches - they are popular among local Hawaiian guitar players and "lap steel" enthusiasts.

They're highly polished stainless steel, approximately 3-1/8" long, 13/16" in diameter at the big end with the thumb recess, and 39/64" at the ball end. A simple velvet bag completes the deal.

Oh, and for the three decimal place crowd, that works out to roughly 3.146" long, .812" and .608" diameters, plus or minus a smidge.


Frank Ford