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Presentation Style Frank's Cranks

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Here's how I spent my time during our recent "coronavirus shutdown." Confined to my home shop, I decided to cook up a batch of some special "presentation style" cranks with a familiar "steam punk" touch. I think they'll make a real impression as gifts!

These are similar in feature and action to my regular string winding cranks, but with some more exotic materials and design, machined from solid brass.

There are three sizes with old-growth Brazilian rosewood handles:

Large size Brass & Brazilian for more modern guitar tuners with large buttons - Gotoh 510, Grover Rotomatic, Schaller, etc:

Medium size Brass & Brazilian for oval, "butterbean" and similar vintage style tuners:

Small size Brass & Brazilian, the dedicated mandolin string crank:

A special set of all three sizes, with "ripple" pattern faceted Vulcanite handles:

A century ago, before celluloid became a standard material, this style of hard rubber was used by Waterman, one of the premier makers of fountain pens. I obtained the stock from India, where the hard rubber industry still thrives.

Here's a unique mandolin crank, with a special metal chip imbedded amber acrylic handle:

Another one-off, this medium size crank has a handle of transparent green acrylic with imbedded corn husks:

I like to think it looks like "jade from another planet. . ."

Quantities are extremely limited, and if a style is not available in the drop down list above, that means it's gone.