Integral Strap Button Screw

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Integral Strap Button Screw

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A few years before his untimely death in 2012, John Mickelson made me a nice batch of his special strap buttons. They have integral screws threaded and cemented into natural material. The screws are miniature hanger bolts that John had specially machined for this purpose, and they allow for mounting the buttons securely and attractively.

We've offered and installed them here in the shop for quite a while and they have been well received over the years.

There are three styles:

"Vintage" Unbleached Bone with Abalone Dot

"Vintage" Unbleached Bone with Black Dot

Buffalo Horn with White Mother of Pearl Dot

Mounting them requires a bit of finesse. You need to drill a pilot hole, drive in and remove a similar (#6) wood screw to "pre-thread" the hole to accept the strap button screw. Then, install and tighten the button down securely by hand.

Here's a quick tip: scrape the screw threads against an old candle to lubricate the threads for both operations.