Fret Tang Filing Jig

Fret Tang Filing Jig

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Update, 11/9/17: Sorry - they're sold out.

Here's a little tool I made as a sort of "home version" of a production fixture I saw in use at the Tacoma Guitar Company just before the turn of the current century.

It holds a variety of standard fret sizes very securely and allows the user to file the tang neatly so the fret can overhang neck binding. Unlike with some other tang cutting tools, there are no little bits of tang left because a few strokes with a regular mill file l are all that's required to make a perfectly clean cut.

Held in a regular bench vise, the tool is quick and easy to use. Depth of cut can be adjusted but generally once it's set there's no need for adjustment to accommodate different fret styles or dimensions.

Stainless and EVO are just as easy to cut with a standard file, and since the file is the only part that wears, this tool will have a long useful life!

Here are a few more photos -

Please note: These tools were previously available through LMI, who now offer a different setup - so if you missed out on one of these, here's a good opportunity. I haven't made any for quite a number of years, but because I just found a small box of them (31 total) on the shelf, I have them for sale here. I don't plan on making them again, so when these are gone, well, they'll be gone.