Frank's Cranks Acrylic

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Frank's Cranks Acrylic

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FRANK'S CRANKS with wild and crazy* acrylic handles.

Each string winder crank comes with a nice velvet gift/gig bag

*Here's the wild and crazy part: We can't photograph and list this many colors and patterns individually, so it's up to you to be wild and crazy - take a chance, and we'll make a random selection for you.

Gryphon is a real brick-and-mortar local service business, so if you come into the shop, we'll be glad to let you look through the cranks we have in stock.

As with the rosewood handled versions, there are three sizes:

LARGE - This most versatile size fits Grover Rotomatic, full size Schaller, most classical and other "standard" large guitar tuner buttons. (It won't fit really big ones that are over 7/8” wide, such as the Grover Imperial, nor will it fit really thick ones,e.g., planetary style banjo peg buttons.)

MEDIUM – for Waverly and Grover butter bean tuner buttons, and other smaller sizes, including vintage guitars and many mandolins.

SMALL – The dedicated mandolin string crank. It won’t fit guitar buttons, but it’s the one you’ll want especially for the “F” style where headstock and tuner clearance can be an issue.

The cranks fit tuner buttons closely, and that's an important part of their utility:

1. Seven-degree offset angle for the handle to mimic wrist action and make the winder track more accurately.

2. Full-length bearing in the handle for stability.

3. Close fit on the tuner button - again, for stability.

4. Soft, resilient head to help avoid scratching sensitive finishes, even if it does make contact.

5. The heft of a real tool because it's made of aluminum, brass, steel and wood.

If you'd like more information, please call me at the shop: 650-493-2131

Please note:

I really do make these myself in small batches from raw materials, so availability will continue to be limited.

When a size is temporarily sold out, the pull-down choice won't be available in the "Select an Option" box above. That means I'll be working to get some ready as soon as I can.

For shipment outside USA, please contact the shop directly by telephone (650-493-2131) or email to Scott, who can handle the purchase: [email protected]


Frank Ford