19th Century Style Bridge Pins

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19th Century Style Bridge Pins

Frank Ford19th Century Style Bridge PinsG99996902

Just like the original bridge pins on many 19th century guitars, these feature large nine millimeter diameter heads with inlaid abalone dots.

The bone pins have abalone dots, while the ebony ones have the classic "French eye" inlay of abalone surrounded by ring of white mother-of pearl.

The large end diameter of each pin is approximately 0.21" under the head, and they have a five degree taper. I make these from time to time by hand, and just like original pins of the period they may require individual fitting to antique guitar bridges.

Priced in sets of six, and supply is necessarily very limited.

As of today, 4/24/20, there are no sets of ebony left, and 5 sets of bone. If the choice isn't available above, that means they're sold out, and I'll be trying to get some more made (eventually).

The bone pins are also available as unmatched singles

And, a bit more about the bone pins:

I'm using the best unbleached bone I've been able to find; I like the way the color and texture is similar to original old Martin pins. Some pins will show slight discoloration or the remants of tiny pores, just like the old ones.

I try to match sets for colorful abalone, but if you want a set with more pale abalone, I might well be able to accommodate you. Just give me a call at the shop: 650-493-2131

I haven't made bridge pins consistently - in fact, the last time I made these was eleven years ago, and at that time I put together a photographic article on the process:



Frank Ford