1925 Mastertone Resonator Screw

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1925 Mastertone Resonator Screw

Frank Ford1925 Mastertone Resonator ScrewG99996451
Here's another of those "if you don't recognize it, you don't need it" items.

Every so often I make up some extra bits of hardware for needy vintage instruments we have in the shop for repair. This one is a direct replacement for that special 1/4" hex resonator attachment screw so often missing from 1925 Gibson Mastertone banjos, like the RB-3 pictured below:

Nickel plated or unplated brass priced at $9.50 each. Because I only made one batch of these in 2009, we can't offer quantity discounts, and when they're gone, well, you know. . .

Update June 15, 2020: It finally happened - we're down to the last three brass screws!

Frank Ford