2/23/2019 - Radim Zenkl – Ear Training Workshop

2/23/2019 - Radim Zenkl – Ear Training Workshop

Radim Zenkl2/23/2019 - – Ear Training WorkshopG30000000437
DATE: February 23, 2019, 11:00am-

For all instruments and vocalists. All levels welcome! 

In order to grow as a musician, it is important to develop your ability to recognize what you hear in live music sessions and recordings, and then translate that to your instrument. This workshop will teach you to correctly recognize what you hear more quickly, allowing you to interpret and respond to music with greater conviction and expression because you are more certain of the notes you are hearing, playing and singing. It builds connections between your inner hearing (or aural imagination), your voice and your instrument. 

Melodic Ear Training: 
- ascending and descending intervals, connecting them to the steps in major and major scales 
- modes of major scale and several minor scales (their first mode) 
- major and minor pentatonic scales 

Harmonic Ear Training: 
- major and minor chords and their extensions (such as 7, 9, 11, 13, b5 and other altered notes) 
- other chords such as suspended, diminished, augmented and half-diminished 
- seven chords of one key (aka the harmonized scale) 
- chord progression using chords from other keys (chords such as Bb, D7 or A7 in the key of C, etc.) 

This workshop will be taught using well known songs and tunes. Main emphasis will be on practical use of this skill, making you better at your playing, singing, improvising, arranging, transcribing, teaching and composing. Printed materials will be provided and audio recording is encouraged.