For many players the concert ukulele offers the best of both the soprano and its big tenor brother. Compared to a soprano, the scale on the concert is a bit longer, which means the frets are a little further apart, making chord positions easier since your fingers have more room on the fretboard. The bigger body gives more bass response than a soprano as well. But unlike the tenor, the concert size still retains that charming trebly “bubbling” tone that made the ukulele so popular in the first place. The Kamaka HF-2 2DI is a very classy ukulele, but the decoration isn’t flashy as the abalone bordering is very narrow. The slotted headstock and rosewood binding with delicate wood purfling lines makes this uke a joy to view at close range while the beautifully figured and matched koa give it depth and a hint of glitter at any angle. If you look carefully at the “double K” logo on the headstock, you’ll notice the abalone letters are bordered with narrow threads of lighter mother-of-pearl.

stock no. 58615

ModelHF-2 D2I Slothead Deluxe Concert
TopCurly Hawaiian Koa
Back and sidesCurly Hawaiian Koa
Frets to body12
Scale length15 15/16"
Bridge materialEbony
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialHonduran mahogany
Total frets18
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No192633