stock no. 58690

ModelTelstar, Black
ControlsBuilt-in variable attenuator 17 watts down to zero
Dimensions21" x 9 " x 17"
Effect loopsNO
Foot switchesNO
Power17 Watts full output
SpeakersCustom ‘Valiant’ speaker
Switches53/58 switch – round early 50s Fullerton to Proto British Hot Rod
Tubes1) 6L6 (EL34 - 6V6 compatible) 1) EL84 1) 6SL7 Tung Sol Octal 1) 12AX7 1) 12AT7
Weight40 lbs.
ElectronicsLean/Lush toggle, Volume, Tone, Reverb, 53/58 toggle, Attenuator
Serial No0228
Channels1 with 2 modes