The Carr Sportsman Amp is inspired by the small combo amps of the 1960s. It has reverb, a single 12-inch speaker and is rated at 16 watts. It has the standard Volume, Bass, Treble and Mid controls, as well as a mysterious knob labeled Headroom. This functions as an interface between the preamp and power amp sections, offering control of the amplifier’s breakup point at differing volume levels. The Sportsman is a versatile amp and puts a wide range of tones at you fingertips, from clean and snappy to overdriven grind.

stock no. 59549

ModelSportsman 1x12" Black
ControlsVariable headroom
Effect loopsno
Power16 clean, 19 max,Class A,partially biased
Speakers1x12"Eminence Patriot
Tubes2x 6v6, 12AX7,12AT7
Serial No493