The Carr Mercury V is the British cousin of their classic Skylark amp. This amp is highly touch sensitive and it has a huge range of tones and can easily go from clean yet aggressive sounds to tasty crunch. The built in attenuator delivers real power tube overdrive at very low levels retaining the feel and juice of full volume fun. In a first from Carr, the Mercury V has a line out that you can plug into your A/D interface and go directly into your computer’s recording setup. As with all Carr amps, the Mercury V has solid pine dovetailed cabinets and true point to point wiring. The Mercury V is Carr’s most popular amp and about half their production is devoted to hand crafting these beauties.

stock no. 56758

ModelMercury V
Power16 watts, Attenuated 0 to 4 watts
ControlsVolume, Treble, Bass, Reverb
Effect loopsNo
Foot switchesNo
ReverbSpring reverb
SwitchesSeries/Parallel Input Gain Toggle, 3-position Boost, Attenuator Toggle
Tubes4 12AX7, 2 6V6
Weight40 Lbs
NotesClass A <b> Push Pull 6V6 - enriched fixed bias
Serial No0547