An extremely lightweight all-koa Kamaka uke, it weighs barely 3/4 lb! And when we say "all-koa" we mean it, this old-style Kamaka has a koa neck and koa fingerboard and bridge, as well as koa top, one-piece back, and sides. The date of 1960 is approximate, but we know it's from before 1970 as the gold label was changed to a white version in 1969 (this gold label was first used in the mid-1950s). The Schaller tuners you see on it now are tuners Kamaka used, but not until at least a few years later (maybe 1970s?). Nice bright tone, no cracks anywhere, light finish wear with some deeper impressions to the back as shown. A very cool mid-century Kamaka uke.

stock no. 52853

ModelHF-1 (Gold Label) Soprano
Back and sidesKoa
Frets to body12
Bridge materialkoa
Fretboard Materialkoa
Neck materialkoa
Serial Nonsn
Neck profileC
Total frets12
TunersSchaller friction pegs