These early Regal-made Dobro models are hard to identify as the model codes and features were changed so often, and because many music store chains (such as Wurlitzer) and catalog retailers had their own models. This appears to be very much like the No. 19 shown in Toth's excellent book "Dobro Roots" except for the coverplate, which very well may have been changed on this one. Original tuners and finish. No. 19s had no soundwell, and this example doesn't have a soundwell either but instead has very neatly constructed "sound posts" under the end of the fingerboard and also supporting the top around the cone. These sound posts are relatively recent additions that work quite well so the top is level and stable. The other difference compared to the No. 19 in Toth's book is this one has maple (or birch) binding on both the top and back instead of celluloid, kind of a nice touch. Comes in the original chipboard case shown.

stock no. 56506

ModelNo. 19
TopBirch laminate
Back and sidesBirch laminate
Frets to body12
Neck materialBirch
Total frets19
Finishoriginal lacquer
CaseOrig Chip
Serial Nonsn