For the tenor player who prefers older banjos from "A-List" manufacturers, this Vegaphone Professional is probably the best deal at Gryphon. New 5-Star planetary tuners, original Vega Presto tailpiece and Vega armrest, although the armrest has been bent it still serves its intended purpose. Original finish on the neck with the wear you see in these photos. Definitely a Vega resonator with Vega stamp on the interior, but we wonder if the resonator hasn't been oversprayed years ago. Vega resonator flange pieces and all internal hardware, serial number on inner shell wall matches the serial number on the dowel stick. Neck has slight relief but with good frets and is very playable. The old hardshell case is a good fit with the lining intact. We're not going to claim it's the original case but it might be and it's certainly from the same era.

stock no. 17486

ModelVegaphone Professional Tenor
Nut width1 3/8"
Scale length23 1/8"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMaple
Tone ringTubaphone
ResonatorVega maple
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No84165
Total frets19
TunersFive Star Planetary
Diameter10 11/16"