This is a big banjo with a 12 1/4" head, and it's a nice old skin head, too. There's another big plus that you don't often see with Orpheum plectrum necks this long, it's quite straight! With the possible exception of the arm rest, which must have been a later addition as it's unplated brass, everything on this almost-100 years old banjo appears to be original (including the head). It was found in eastern Oregon, where the dry climate and lack of marine air saved the plating from the usual tarnish (some rust on the steel hooks, however). Original finish is in excellent shape. Nice deep tone.

stock no. 48500

ModelOrpheum No. 1 Plectrum
Frets to body20
Scale length28"
Neck materialmaple
Shellmaple laminate
Total frets22
Serial No14738
Diameter12 1/4"