The Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay & Looper pedal is a multi-functional and customizable pedal with 10 effects and a looper. Features 11 modes: 1. ECHO: digital delay 2. MOD: modulated delay 3. MULTI: multi-tap delay 4. REVRS: reverse delay 5. DMM: Deluxe Memory Man 6. TAPE: tape delay 7. VERB: reverb plus delay 8. OCT: octave delay 9. SHIM: shimmer 10. S/H: sample and hold 11. LOOP: looper mode w/max loop length of 62 seconds This particular pedal is in fine structural and cosmetic condition. There are few remnants of glue from the Velcro that used to attach it to a pedal board. We tested it and it works perfectly. It comes as you see it without a box, 9 volt power supply or manual. (You can download a pdf of the manual from the Electro Harmonix website.)

stock no. 59635

ModelCanyon Delay & Looper
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