The Victoria 35310 is inspired by the late 1950s Fender Bandmaster, the version with the 5E7 circuit for those keeping score at home. Like the amp that inspired it, the 35310 is a 28 watt amp going into three 10-inch speakers. This is a versatile amp with lots of clean headroom that breaks up nicely when driven hard. The original speakers have been replaced with Weber Classic Alnico 10A125s, a well considered upgrade. This 35310 is in excellent cosmetic and structural condition The tweed shows only the slightest bit of wear. This is a big amp and at 43 pounds it's not lightweight but if you aren't lugging it to gigs, it’s not a real backbreaker. Includes a padded cover.

stock no. 58662

Model35310 Tweed
CaseSlip Cover
Serial No2562