This Kamaka HF-1 is around 40 years old, but it is so clean it could almost pass for new. The top, sides and back are all koa as is the neck, fretboard and bridge, something you don't get on the models Kamaka builds today. This ukulele has the white label that Kamaka used from 1969 to 1998 and the 1980 date we are assigning it is approximate. (This uke was made before Kamaka was using serial numbers.) The small dreadnought shape, the Schaller tuning pegs and chipboard case with the gold plush interior are all consistent with that date, but it could be a bit later as well. The neck angle is excellent with very good playing action. The only change is that at some point someone added a strap button in the tailblock. This is a good sounding soprano uke with all the clarity and presence you could want.

stock no. 58291

ModelHF-1 Soprano
Back and sidesKoa
Frets to body12
Nut width1 3/8"
Scale length13 3/8"
Bridge materialKoa
Fretboard MaterialKoa
Neck materialKoa
Total frets12
TunersSchaller Friction Pegs
Serial Nonsn