This is an amazing guitar-banjo by the late folk-art luthier Maurice Mayes. It includes the custom-made case by our man Maurice and all of the glitter you would ever want on a banjo. While we have seen a few Maurice Mayes guitars this is, to our knowledge, the only banjo-type instrument he made. Maurice Mayes lived in Oregon. He was a guitarist and songwriter who had at least one 45 RPM recording, by a local country singer, made of one of his songs. At a certain point in his life he decided he was going to be an instrument builder & with no training be began building his creations. They have been described as witty, monstrous, astounding, imaginative and sparkly, among other things. Several of them include a "double M" monogram of some kind, which was his logo. Some are marginally playable, many were not. Maurice owned a Gibson Super 400 from the early 1950s, suggesting that when he was serious about playing, he perhaps did not rely on his own instruments. We do not guarantee this banjo-guitar is going to have the best intonation or sound. it will, however, be one of the more notable instruments in your collection. The resonator flange appears to have been hand cut, and Maurice's banjo strap, apparently made from a leather belt, is included. We're unsure about the date, but assume this guitar-banjo was made in 1960s-1980s period. Maurice died about ten years ago.

stock no. 34130

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