Depending on when this Harmony soprano ukulele was sold, it would have been called the Classmate or the more utilitarian No. 83. It has no serial number so the 1960 date is a guess but the green headstock decal, molded fingerboard and "Shark's Tooth" tuning pegs are from that general era. The top, back and sides are all solid wood, most likely birch. The red stencil on the top features the A~D~F#~B, which I suppose would be useful if you forget how to tune it. This uke is in fine cosmetic condition. There is a repaired crack on the back but it doesn’t affect the sound or playability. Includes a new padded gig bag.

stock no. 56256

ModelClassmate No. 83 Soprano
Back and sidesBirch
Frets to body12
Nut width1 3/8"
Scale length13"
Fretboard MaterialMolded Plartic
CaseGig Bag