The Oahu Publishing Company of Cleveland, Ohio was one of the largest distributors of Hawaiian steel guitars during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Oahu sold mail order lessons and teaching programs that were tied in with the purchase of an instrument. Oahu didn’t make their own guitars but instead contracted companies like Regal, Harmony or, in the case of this handsome steel guitar, Valco to do the actual building. Valco was the parent company of Supro and this Lolana has that classic Supro sound. To our eyes, this is a wonderful example of mid-century industrial design. The body is covered in cream-colored celluloid and the twin headstock sport the wildest sets of tuning machines we’ve even seen on a steel guitar. It’s in excellent condition and the electronics all work perfectly.

stock no. 54610

CaseOrig. Hard
Serial NoX41246