Usually the top of a ukulele shows the most wear, since there's no pickguard and players tend to brush their fingers over the surface as they strum. Style 1 soprano has a few nicks to the back, and a couple to the sides and neck, but the top is almost perfect. Martin ukes like this are hard to date as they made so few changes over a long period, but these tuners were only in use for a few years so the circa 1950 date is accurate. A great example of how Martin invested the same careful craftsmanship even on what were, at the time, rather inexpensive instruments. Their catalogs read, in fine print, "many styles but one quality," and that wasn't just a slogan.

stock no. 58403

ModelStyle 1 Soprano
Back and sidesMahogany
Frets to body12
Bridge materialmahogany
Fretboard Materialrosewood
Neck materialMahogany
Serial Nonsn
Bindingfaus tortoise shell