Most of the decal has chipped away on this lap steel, but if it was there it would read “Epitome Electric-Federated Teachers Service Corp.” This guitar was made around 1950 by Jackson Guldan, a company based in Columbus, Ohio that made inexpensive violins and Hawaiian guitars. This particular guitar was made for Federated Teachers Service Corporation, an outfit that sold guitar lessons through the mail. It’s a well made guitar that’s fitted with a DeArmond “Hershey Bar” pickup and what looks like a prewar Gibson bridge. (We suspect they bought these in bulk after Gibson switched to a different style after the war.) The guitar has a cool white finish that was sprayed over a gold undercoat that shows through the cracks. This guitar is in good shape and includes a padded gig bag.

stock no. 55896

ModelEpitome Electric
CaseGig Bag
Serial Nonsn