This Rickenbacker D-16 was probably made around 1940, but dating Ricks from that era is a tricky proposition since the company didn’t keep a record of the serial numbers. That being said, features like the detachable Bakelite necks, the nameplates with the earlier “Rickenbacher” spelling and the lack of a neck selector all suggest that this guitar was made before World War II and most likely in the early years of production of this model.

This D-16 is in excellent cosmetic condition and the electronics all work perfectly. The pickups, as you might expect from a pre-war Rickenbacker, sound magnificent. The only modification has been to swap the original volume pots (which come with the guitar) with push/pull pots that allow you to turn each neck on and off. Later D-16s had neck selector switches. Sadly, there is no case with this guitar.

stock no. 54611