One of the coolest short-scale tenors Gryphon has had in quite a while. Made in the same New York City factory as Wm L Lange's Paramount and Orpheum brand banjos and by the same crew of experienced workers. The 21 inch scale makes this an easy banjo for mandolinists to play, and the neck is straight and string action is low. Note the cool fire-hose nozzle nuts and the easy four hooks resonator attachment, not to mention the tone-tubes tone ring (you have to remember that during this era banjos were high tech!). Weighs barely 7 lbs and comes in a nice vintage hardshell case that's oversized so probably not the original.

stock no. 53857

ModelStyle A Tenor
Frets to body17
Scale length21"
Fretboard Materialdyed hardwood
Neck materialmaple
Tone ringTone Tubes!
Tuners1-to-1 friction pegs
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial Nonsn
Diameter11 1/8"