It would be hard to find a cuter 17-fret tenor than this one, and the engraving on the pearl inlays and the details in the carved neck heel are in great condition as this banjo just never saw that much use. It's a joy to play, and the short 21 inch scale means most mandolin players can adapt a lot of what they already know to this neck. Thanks to the skin head, the tone is substantial without the harshness you often find with tenor banjos with a thin plastic head. Original tuners with MOP buttons, original frets, and all original hardware including the original Kerschner Unique tailpiece. The resonator was clearly made by Vega, and also has its original finish, but we don't want to claim this tenor was originally sold with a resonator as it doesn't have the Vega resonator flange. The close-fit resonator, as shown, was possibly added a few years after the banjo was made as by then resonators were far more popular. Note the crack in the fingerboard binding on the bass side between the 1st and 2nd fret as that's about only flaw you'll find. The hardshell case is a thoroughly refurbished old case that's an excellent fit.

stock no. 51755

ModelTubaphone Style X No. 9 Tenor
Frets to body17
Scale length21"
Tone ringtub-a-phone
Total frets17
Serial No63987
Diameter10 15/16"