This Martin 1k koa uke is in excellent structural condition with no cracks and just a handful of minor scuffs, nicks and dings. It's hard to pin an exact year of manufacture to these simple Martin ukes, but with fret position markers at frets 5,7, and 10 (instead of 5,7, and 9), and with an ebony nut and saddle and rosewood binding on the back as well as the front edge, we can be sure it's from the early 1920s but probably before 1927, when Martin was using Grover Simplex patent tuning pegs. These ukes were given a very thin shellac finish, leveled and then rubbed down with pumice and oil to produce the "artistic dull finish" mentioned in Martin's early descriptions of the Style 1 models. You can still see the light "scratch pattern" this hand work produced on the front and back of the headstock.

stock no. 50934

ModelStyle 1K Soprano
Serial Nonsn