Here's a very playable Vega mandolin-banjo, and one that's enjoying its 100th birthday. Original throughout, all that's missing is the tailpiece cover, which doesn't really impair its function. Of course the original calfskin head is long gone, and the bridge is somewhat custom but works well. String action is quite low and very playable, in fact some who play with a more aggressive right hand might prefer higher string action. That would be easy to achieve by tightening the head a little bit. The bridge is tall partly because the head is not tightened down to drum-head tightness. This softens the tone a bit. Comes with its original hardshell case, a real plus as there are no equivalent modern cases available for this 10 inch size.

stock no. 57234

ModelLittle Wonder Banjo-Mandolin
Nut width1 1/8"
Scale length14"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMaple
Tone ringLittle Wonder
CaseOrig. Hardshell
Serial No42698
Diameter10 1/8"