We're putting the date lovely Vega bowlback at around 1905, but it could also have been made five years earlier or later. It's a Style No. 1, and it's a fairly plain mandolin with 19 rosewood ribs but it's well built and has a clear, resonant tone. There is some wear through the finish on the top, and the bar stock frets show the signs of use, but overall this mandolin plays easily. It looks like the back got bumped at some time in the past that caused a couple of the ribs to separate. The old repair is solid but not as clean as we would like to see. All in all, the Vega is a high quality mandolin of modest appearance. Sadly, it has no case and it appears that no one is currently making cases for bowlbacks.

stock no. 57487

ModelStyle No. 1 Mandolin
Back and sidesRosewood (19 Ribs)
Nut width1 1/8"
Scale length13"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMahogany
Serial No37216