It's rare to find an original wood Martin "coffin" case, especially one in this condition. Even more rare is finding one for Martin's iconic 0-28 model guitar. This has both the original black "milk paint" finish, and the original Portuguese flannel lining. All the latches work, and there are no signs of any repairs or modifications. Gryphon acquired this case many years ago when we sold a somewhat modified 0-28, and the previous owner had purchased a modern case for it. While the next buyer loved the guitar, he had no use for two cases and didn't want to carry his guitar around in a historical box, so we adjusted the sales price and this case has been with us ever since. Dating such cases is difficult, but once Martin began building mandolins in 1896 the paper label was changed to read "Guitars and Mandolins." Another paper label warned of the dangers of leaving a guitar too close to a heat source. We're not sure but we believe this is either the first or second version of the paper labels Martin used in its cases. While they had used wood cases from the mid-1830s, the paper labels first appeared in the late 1860s (earlier labels were added by Martin's dealers).

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Model0-28 Coffin Case