The Other Brands of Gibson

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The Other Brands of Gibson

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From 1929 through 1961 Gibson, Inc. of Kalamazoo, Michigan produced over 30 brands of musical instruments that did not carry the Gibson name. Many of these brands may be familiar with such as Recording King, National and Washburn, while many others are names that only a handful of avid Gibsonites will know such as Werlein Leader, Grinnell, Truett, and many more.

The Other Brands of Gibson by Paul Fox is a complete guide to all of the other brands Gibson produced complete with detailed descriptions, photos, and rare examples of existing instruments from collectors around the world. If you're hoping to find a diamond in the rough at the local garage sale, this guide will familiarize you with even the most obscure brands Gibson made for three decades.

Paperback, measures 8.5x11 inches. 128 pages. Published by Centerstream Publishing, ISBN 9781458411303.