Lap Steel Guitar

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Lap Steel Guitar

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Lap Steel Guitar is the first-ever comprehensive book about lap-style and console steel guitar by Andy Volk. Includes interviews and profiles of more than thirty-five of the greatest electric and acoustic steel guitarists of the past and present representing most forms of music played in the world today, plus previously unpublished photos and commentary on vintage steel guitars and new instruments from the best modern builders, resources for guitars, amplifiers, accessories, instructional materials, steel guitar tunings; and much more.

Players covered include: Junior Brown, Bob Brozman, Jerry Byrd, Papa Cairo, Jody Carver, Cindy Cashdollar, Bruce Clarke, John Ely, Pete Grant, Steve Howe, Andy Iona, Harry Manx, Dick McIntire, Santo & Johnny and dozens of others.

Paperback, measures 8.5x11 inches. 336 pages (40 in color). Published by Centerstream Publishing, ISBN 9781574241341.