Chuck Waldman is a California builder working in the Sierra foothill town of Sonora. His instruments are his own designs and he has come up with some interesting variations for his shells. This model is called "The Chromatic" and it features a cherry pot with a reclaimed redwood tone ring. This is drilled in progressive depths in the same proportion to the fret spacing, hence the "chromatic" designation.

The banjo is loud and bright and not at all "plunky" or dark sounding. It has good volume with strong projection. “This banjo has my new concept for a tone ring: reclaimed redwood,” Waldman says. “I’m using a “guitar top wood” where the rim contacts the banjo head. Just as this wood affects the voice of a guitar, it produces a clear, concise tone for the banjo.”

This Chromatic has a 25 1/2" scale length and a full cherry neck that feels solid in your hand. The metal parts including the tuners are raw brass which will develop a nice patina over a few years. Ebony fingerboard and headstock veneer with a bubinga backstop. It has a 11-inch head and is beautifully crafted. Please note this instrument does not include a case but we do have suitable cases in stock.

stock no. 59282

ModelChromatic Cherry 5 String
Scale length25.5"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialCherry
Tone ringRedwood
TunersGotoh Brass
Serial No126