The Woodchuck sports a 12 inch Ash shell with a simple rolled brass tone ring, and combined with the lower string tension of a shorter string scale the result is a sweet expressive tone. It sounds great as a solo banjo or paired with a guitar. It's also a very attractive banjo, the Pisgah medallion in the headstock looks great and the black shell with the brass tension hoop completes the look. This is a remarkably full-featured new banjo for only $1295, and the bargain is partly thanks to the fact that Pisgah's own Balsam Banjo Works is a major source of North American-made banjo parts for other banjo makers as well.

stock no. 58376

ModelWood Chuck 12", Ash 5 String
Scale length25 1/2"
Fretboard MaterialRichlite
Neck materialAsh
Tone ringRolled Brass
CaseGig Bag
Serial No1608