This fine little Rambler Custom has the removable Dobson tone ring, a very pretty curly Maple neck, and aged brass and copper hardware. It also features the shorter 23 1/2" A-scale fingerboard. This is one of the top models in the Pisgah line, with a spun-over copper shell on the rim, an S-curve scoop at the end of the fingerboard, and a lovely "Quilted star" inlay in the vintage-style headstock. A highly versatile banjo, as if you want a more plunky tone the Dobson tone ring can removed so the head sits directly on the edge of the spun rim. The shorter scale length makes it a joy to play, and since the S scoop allows you to get your right hand so close to the mid-point of the strings you have maximum control of the tone (to get a more open tone) even without removing the tone ring. A beautiful contemporary banjo with all the charm, but none of the fussiness, or a vintage instrument.

stock no. 52634

ModelRambler 11" Custom, Curly Maple Neck, A-Scale 5 String
Scale length23 1/2"
Fretboard MaterialRichlite
Neck materialCurly Maple
Tone ringDobson
Total frets15
TunersAged Gotoh
CaseGig Bag
Serial No981