A new banjo model from Pisgah that we feel is a real winner as it combines a vintage-style tubaphone tone ring with a shorter string scale (25.5", same as a modern guitar). The shorter scale not only makes for an easier-playing banjo with less fret stretch but also adds a more mellow tone, yet the tone ring lends a nice clarity. The dark stain to the maple combined with aged brass hardware keeps the glitter to a minimum. A nice-looking, and sounding, banjo that won't break the bank.

stock no. 59963

ModelPisgah Tubaphone 11", Maple Rim, Aged Brass Hardware 5 String, SRT scale
Scale length25 1/2"
Fretboard MaterialRichlite
Neck materialMaple
Tone ringTubaphone
CaseGig Bag
Serial No1872