Boutique amp builders are becoming more and more common and, generally speaking, frequently do not disappoint.  Information on 3rd Rail is pretty scarce, but this little Harvard style combo is a lot of fun to play. At 10 Watts, the 10" alnico speaker has just a touch of give on some of the heavier transients when the amp is working hard. A modified circuit, the 12ax7 (as opposed to the 6AT6 of the original design) is run in "dual triode" which yields a bit more front end gain. Other add-ons include the inclusion of a "NFB" (negative feedback) switch to yield a cleaner or more mid-heavy tone, a "Low Cut" control to help tame some of the beefier signature tweed bass tones, a "Cut" control, not unlike that of a Vox, and a "Bump" control, which adds more midrange, usually assisting in earlier breakup.  While this amp doesn't have a Master Volume control, the low output and impressive array of features helps a player tailor their sound and indulge in the creamy goodness of natural tube distortion. In nearly "mint" condition, this amp would make the perfect addition to any arsenal at a great price.

stock no. 59748

ModelTweed Havard Reverb Custom 10"
ControlsVolume, Tone, Reverb, Cut
Foot switchesNot Included
Power10 Watts
Speakers10" Jensen
SwitchesNegative Feedback, Low Cut, Volume Bump
Tubes12ax7, 12at7, 6V6, 5AR4