The "W20" tells us this was one of a limited edition Fender made for the Winter 2020 NAMM show. Although the heavy relic, super faded, 3-tone sunburst is a visual difference, the neck is roasted (torrified) maple, a difference you'd notice even when blindfolded. Most of the lacquer has been removed from the back of the neck of course, but the result is a very different from the typical maple "speed neck." This has a heft and hardness that makes for a great feel, probably partly because it's torrified. Nice weight, original case has the COA, bridge cover, papers, etc.

stock no. 60477

ModelW20 Limited 60/63 Stratocaster Super Heavy Relic Super Faded/Aged 3TSB
Scale length25.5"
Fretboard MaterialRosewood
Neck materialRoasted Maple
Body shape60 Strat
Body woodAlder
Neck profileLarge C
PickupsHW 60/63 Strat
Total frets22
TunersVintage Style Kluson
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial NoCz545181
Weight7.36 lbs