The combination of a 12 inch diameter shell and a high-profile Whyte Laydie tone ring adds a more Bostonian Vega sound to this Pisgah. There's nothing shrill about it, the bridge placement results in a lot of bottom end (for a banjo). Of course you can experiment with the head tension to get the combination of clarity and thump that you're looking for. Lots of people forget than an acoustic banjo has a tone control, it just takes longer to change than turning a dial. Banjo head tightness has a huge impact on tone and often the sound you want is only a quarter-turn away (but you have to give each nut that holds the head that same quarter turn).

stock no. 57160

ModelPisgah Laydie 12" Maple Rim, Aged Brass Hardware 5 String
Scale length26 3/16"
Fretboard MaterialRichlite
Neck materialMaple
Tone ringWhyte Laydie
CaseGig Bag
Serial No1427